Free Tutorials!

Here I would like to offer a variety of tutorials that I have created over the past year. Some are more focused on fashion drawing and design. The others are focused on art ideas and tips. I will be growing this portion of my site, so I encourage you to check back. All the links below will open a new window to a video posted on Facebook. 

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Drawing Dresses header.jpg

Fashion Design & Illustration Tutorial:

Drawing Dresses

In this tutorial I go over a variety of dress style; drawing elements such as fullness and flare; and how to use a fashion croquis.

Time: 1 hr 28 Mins

intuitive painting header.jpg

Art Tutorial: 

Intuitive Painting Step 1

In this speed painting tutorial I give some basic tips on how I prep my canvas when I am working intuitively.

Time: 7 mins

fashion croquis.jpg

Fashion Design & Illustration Tutorial:
How to Draw a Fashion Croquis

In this tutorial I instruct you step-by-step on how to draw a fashion template, aka a croquis, in the proper proportions. Beginner friendly!

Time: 40 Mins

Canvas Wiring.jpg

Art Tutorial: 

Quick and Simple Canvas Wiring

In this quick tutorial I show you step-by-step how to properly wire your canvases so that they are gallery ready!

Time: 11 mins