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Christy Litster - Headshot 2022


I am so pleased that you found yourself here. Let me introduce myself! My name is Christy and I am a freelance Inuitive Artist and Illustrator based in rural Southern Ontario. I am a Mother, Wife and passionate Creatrix! Whether it is drawing, painting, singing, writing, teaching or even making pompoms, my soul yearns to stay creative! I have had the opportunity over the last 15 years to work for many amazing clients, as well as, host and participate in a multitude of art shows. I pride myself on being KIND first and pretty darn laid back. I think my goal of kindness has permeated itself through my work. I hope you enjoy the variety of pieces I have created!  Want to get to know me a little better? Check out "My Story" below!

Like FREE stuff?

Check out the MANY free downloadable colouring pages in my Free Stuff Section! There are also a few fun tutorials to get you creating. My newest addition? A selection of downloadable birth affirmation cards that I illustrated and strung together for my birth space for when my beautiful son was born. I  hope they bless you and give you strength the way they did for me!

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Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist focused on shifting my audience’s consciousness towards introspection, peace, healing and growth. The body of my art features abstract concepts which frequently present my personal journey of self-work and the evolvement of my spiritual practice. The vast majority of my work is done intuitively, without a specific roadmap. Channeled images will either come to me through my own meditative practices; in dreamtime; or are found through the process of experimentation and mark-making. The main goal of any piece I complete is vibrancy, primarily centered on emotion, and ethereal subject matter. This can be found in my frequently highly saturated colour stories or in the dramatic use of movement through the marriage of my unique use of unusual forms of mixed media. My love for experimentation in both art and craft has opened the door to finding new ways to use my love for layered effects, fibers, fabrics, and stitching in my artwork. I feel this brings a special tactile depth, specifically to my paintings. And, any opportunity to offer my viewer depth is powerfully exciting to me.

The Goddess Gaia

My Story

So, this morning I decided it was a good time to update my website. It has been over two years, after all. The process of updating a website is pretty tedious. I honestly have no idea how anyone decides that this is a great career choice. It’s definitely not for me! Getting the images together was the easy part. It was my "Bio" and "Projects" section I was dreading. It had occurred to me that the best way to start my bio was to revisit my old one. Wow - it was stuffy (and short and let’s face it I’m a little long-winded). It felt so out of line with who I actually am as a person, so I figured I would step outside of the box and speak to you like a new friend. 

Inuit Legend Barbie.png

So, hi there - I'm Christy. I've been doing this art thing for 20 years now. At first, it really was just my hobby as I attended Fashion School at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson Polytechnic University). It was in 2002 that I was commissioned to do my very first art piece. Initially, I really enjoyed Fashion Design. I did quite well in school, participating and placing in many competitions. I even had the distinct honour of winning the "What Will Barbie Wear in 2005?" Mattel Canada sponsored competition. My design "Inuit Legend Barbie" was the first Canadian Exclusive Barbie. With this, I was whisked around Ontario on a local tour signing dolls. I also appeared on various morning talk shows in the GTA and even on national radio shows. My story was picked up by many major news papers throughout Canada. It was a pretty exciting experience for a 22-year-old. All these years later, you can still find my doll selling on eBay. Go check it out! I was hired once again by Mattel Canada and The Barbie Collectors Club of Alberta to design their convention doll and host workshops in Calgary in 2006. 
After school, I continued to work as a Fashion Designer, for a few years, designing both fashion dolls and uniforms. In those companies I was fortunate to learn a LOT about project work, which is where I have focused the majority of my freelance work over the past 15 years. I designed full uniform programs for 35+ companies, mostly casinos, throughout North America. I also participated in a few fashion shows and competitions, placing in the top ten each time. 
My most notable project during this time was developing the character costumes for the employees at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. 

On the surface, it all seemed very exciting.
However, there came a point when I realized that I was just incredibly unhappy. The fashion industry was just NOT what I had thought it would be. Even though I was very fortunate to land the gigs I did, it just was not fulfilling me.
All the while, I continued illustrating and painting. I even started to participate in a few art shows in my home town of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
It was around 2012 that I decided to entirely switch my focus from Fashion to Art. 

Since then, I have had the opportunity to host over 30+ art shows, including some large scale events, namely SKIN Windsor’s Alternative Arts and Culture Show in 2013 & 2014. Each show showcased over 150 artists, designers, and musicians. My passion, back then, was to create as many opportunities for under-represented artists in Windsor. It was also an excellent experience for me, and an amazing way to help build up the local arts community. Once of the most amazing outcomes was friendships and art alliances formed by people who met through shows that I hosted. It was this work and my dedication to local artists which lead to me receiving the Mayor’s Arts Award for Individual Artist in 2020, which is one the highlights of my career.
Another exciting development during this time was my employment as an Illustration Instructor in the Fashion Design Technician Program at St. Clair College. It was here that I found a new calling in teaching.


Christy Litster Mayors Arts Award 2020.jpg
Christy Litster Last Chemo.jpg

But, life happens…
And, in 2016, at the age of 33, I was to face my most life-altering challenge yet: 
I was diagnosed with cancer. 
For over a year, I had to put my art on hold while I underwent both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Both of these would have terrible side effects on my body which lead to many years of healing. Not long after I finished treatment, I faced a second extremely dangerous set back. A blood clot had formed on my chemo port, dislodged, and made its way to my heart. I was extremely fortunate that it did not get lodged in any veins on its way to my heart. An additional setback was the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia which for a time made it extremely difficult to walk. I also suffered brain damage which led to many difficulties in my vision. Making the situation worse, I suffered terrible infertility and it seemed that having a child was not going to be possible for me. 
All of that being said, one of my most endearing qualities, if I do say so myself, is my positivity and drive. There was no way that I was going to let these set backs keep me from being creative. 

I refocused my efforts in my Art career the moment I was able. Not only would I get back to where I was, I would surpass it. In 2017, I began taking on mural projects throughout Essex County. I also returned as an instructor at St. Clair College teaching until 2020. I received many significant grants including funding from Arts, Culture + Heritage Fund Grants from the City of Windsor;  a Canadian Department of Heritage: Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program Grant ; as well as a grant from the Town of LaSalle. 
A significant project that I worked on during this time was my Windsor Snapshots Timeline Installation which can be viewed on the wall in the Arts Windsor-Essex (Formerly Art Gallery of Windsor) parking lot in front of the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre. 

During this time, healing also became a central focus of my life. My spiritual practice led to the evolvement of my work into Intuitive Art. I also have spent a significant amount of time sharing my story with a special focus on helping others in their healing journey. 

Snapshots of Windsor 3 - by Christy Litster.jpg

And, what a SIGNIFICANT experience this has been! Not only am I completely cancer-free, I was able to overcome the debilitating experience of relying on a cane to walk. Furthermore, the most amazing miracle occurred. After struggling with years long infertility and I gave birth my most beautiful son, Greyson in 2021. 
Even though I was unable to participate in live events in the past few years, I wanted to give back to the community which had supported me through my journey. I have created a variety of FREE downloadable colouring packs which are available in my FREE STUFF section. I also uploaded a few tutorials to help you learn some new art skills. When I was pregnant, I created a series of 5 birth affirmation cards for my birth space. I have uploaded these as free downloads as well. Check them out!

2022 has been a very wonderful year for me. I was able to get back to working on murals throughout Windsor-Essex County. Two significant projects were creating a mural in The Family Respite Services Solcz Family home, and a Mural & Workshops Project facilitated by Arts Windsor-Essex working with the women in treatment at the House of Sophrosyne. Both of these projects were very dear to me as they were opportunities for me to work in places of healing. 
So, today, as I reflect, I am so incredibly grateful for all the amazing opportunities I have had so far. I am also so, SO, grateful for the challenges and how they helped shape this beautiful experience I call life. 
Thanks for taking this little trip with me – I hope you enjoyed it and even more, I hope you enjoy the art!


Your Friendly Friend,
Christy 💖


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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